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Vulnerability Assessment, Network and Web Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Penetration testing aka ethical hacking, where professional white hackers simulates a cyber challenge to breach into your networks and systems. With a sole objective to identify existing vulnerabilities and reports will be graded according to industry’s standard - Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSSv3.1). With CVSS providing a measured severity of vulnerabilities regardless of software/hardware platform or function of the service, this will assist resource allocation and prioritisation when patching them before brutal malicious hackers are able to exploit them.

Scope of work includes:

- Planning and scoping areas

- Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

- Issue of first report and debriefing session

- Suggested remediations excluding remediation services*

- Post remediation VAPT

- Issue of final report and debriefing session*Remediation services are excluded in this scope of work and are charged separately, prices vary with required remediation action.

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