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Advanced Security Operation Center

As new cyber security constantly emerges through the shadows, organisations are having a tough time combating against those everlasting threats. Preventive measures put in place are unable to constantly keep up and are left helpless, leaving organisations financially obstructed to support the rapid need to invest in their employees' skill sets and new products.

Network Security Operation Center

With managed services, your organisation will be supported by a 24/7 proactive platform accompanied with an armed cyber security analyst team that manages and responds to customer infrastructure availability and security threats.

Optimise your resources

Guarded by 24/7 proactive monitoring and rapid response time, threats will be remediated at the shortest response. The cyber security analyst team are professionals that would undergo constant training to ensure they are armed with the latest knowledge and skills. This allows organisation to free up resources needed for training in house security personnel and time required for researching on cyber security tools.

Instead organisations are now able to prioritise and optimise their resources to focus on core business for profit maximisation.

Stay connected by monthly reports

With managed services, organisations are provided with quarterly report for their list of assets which are a great assistance when it comes to security audits when necessary. Organisation do not need to worry about losing visibility over their security outlook as monthly reports on tickets raised with also be given.

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