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Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Forewarned is forearmed. The core process of VAPT is an effective evaluation of your organisation’s system for any potential vulnerabilities that could arise either from your system’s configurations, secondary identified or unidentified hardware/software exposures and most importantly operational process.

Your organisation’s surface of exposure

Through this diagnosis, it highlights and provides visibility into your organisation’s surface of exposure to cyber risks. Alerting you to new threats or threats that were previously overlooked. Furthermore, this process facilitates to provide the next course of actions in the form of remediations recommended next.

Allocate resources to achieve optimisation

Vulnerabilities diagnosed should be properly organised, criticality and risks should next be calculated. Resources should then be allocated on the respective remediations based on the criticality and risks appetite in order to achieve resource efficiency.

VAPT is an iterative cycle

In order to determine the effectiveness of the remediation measures implemented, another round of tests will be carried out.

Pre-VAPT only at Unthreats

At UnThreats we carry out Pre-VAPT, a step prior to the usual VAPT process where test coverage are of a smaller extent and accompanied with recommended remediation steps. This Pre-VAPT report serves an asset for organisations to formulate their VAPT project plan with additional third party vendors.

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