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Cyber Assessment

Cyber Assessment


Identify your current cyber security standing and how your security posture is measuring against the compliance benchmark to ensure measures are being placed effectively.

Assessment coverage includes:

- Common network devices

- Operating systems and services

- Firewall

- Switches

- Wireless infrastructure

- Virtualised services

- Office 365

- Review of IT policies against the MAS TRM guideline

*Customer to provide the most updated corporate IT policy​​​​​​​

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Vulnerability Assessment, Network and Web Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Vulnerability Assessment, Network and Web Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Penetration testing aka ethical hacking, where professional white hackers simulates a cyber challenge to breach into your networks and systems. With a sole objective to identify existing vulnerabilities and reports will be graded according to industry’s standard - Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSSv3.1). With CVSS providing a measured severity of vulnerabilities regardless of software/hardware platform or function of the service, this will assist resource allocation and prioritisation when patching them before brutal malicious hackers are able to exploit them.

Scope of work includes:

- Planning and scoping areas

- Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

- Issue of first report and debriefing session

- Suggested remediations excluding remediation services*

- Post remediation VAPT

- Issue of final report and debriefing session*Remediation services are excluded in this scope of work and are charged separately, prices vary with required remediation action.

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Managed Service

Managed Service

Rest while we protect. With 24/7 proactive monitoring and a response time of as fast as 4 hours, we ensure efficiency is optimised to remediate the threat at bay to prevent business disruption.

During an event of a cyberthreat detected, for efficiency purposes phone call and email support will be the primary communication method to a primary and secondary contact person appointed by you. For non critical scenarios, all operations will be carried remotely. A total of 40 hours of onsite support is provided each year and on a case by case basis, 4 hours of onsite support will be given to threats deemed critical to require the necessary support.


This is an AS-IS Infrastructure maintenance support and excludes any form of consultancy, architecture and infrastructure enhancement.

Customers are required to provide their latest inventory and infrastructure diagram.

List of devices must support SNMP v3 in order to be compatible for this service:

All computers (Desktop and laptops)

All network equipment (Switches, wireless access points, firewall)

All servers

Note: For any devices mounted on the wall or above the ceiling above 2 meters, customers will need to arrange for a facility management or an external party

Scope of work:

Software installations/updates (automated tool) (Only applicable approved work) related software

Computer/device hardware troubleshooting

365 configuration updates (applicable for Email only)

Device and network monitoring

Providing ad hoc onsite support

Remote software for troubleshooting for users (excluding any in-house application or DB)

Software patches to all devices like computer and network devices, (scheduled and history of updates to provided)

Management of any RMA devices and repairs

Ad hoc configuration change to 365 and on site server setup changes

MDM device registration and updates

List of reports

Quarterly report for list of assets

Monthly support reporting for tickets updates

Note: all the above reports are based on out of box standard reports.

NOTE: Prices are excluding monitoring tools subscription

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Managed Firewall

Managed Firewall

Equipped with the adequate network security device to fundamentally to protect your network device, but are you doing it right?

Effective firewall management requires high level of skill set and attentiveness. Firewalls are often bought and forgotten tools, however configuration is just a beginning in a very long cyber security journey.

Managed Firewall services provides 24/7 monitoring of the Firewall accompanied with effective monitoring alerts through email notification. Phone and email communications will be established for escalation to clients.

Scope of work:

- 24/7 Alert monitoring

- Monitoring includes Firewall alerts and events

- 30 minutes of response time for highly critical alerts

- Phone and email contact support

- Monthly report- Up to 3 change requests per month during office hours

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